Can we physically see your COMPETENCE in your body language?

Kerstin Oleta, CEO and Founder of The Business Leadership Excellence Institute
Did you know your body language is associated with your competence?

When you express and exude your competence in the fluidity of your movements you ensure trust in those who want you around them either personally or in business.  When we are looking for a leader or someone to work with, we want to make sure we feel confident with their competence to do the job.

So, how do you exude competence in body language?  

As humans, we emotionally respond to what we physically see. So we need to see you looking and feeling competent through fluidity.  Showing Fluidity in your motions automatically makes you appear as if you are high end, more elite, and a leader in your industry. We show how we are physically put together along with understanding the movements of our body, and because we emotionally respond, you demonstrating your competence through fluidity transpires into you being cognitively "with it."

This brings me to posture. Posture is an unspoken nonverbal cue of your social status and your personality.  Good posture shows your confidence and is the cornerstone for all the other Pillars of Leadership. Good posture is also essential for a good diaphragmatic breath.  If you do not have good posture, you do not have good breathing.

Learning how to use your muscles and your body from head to toe with fluid motion will help you to not only feel more confident but to also appear more competent.

If you are interested in learning about how you can hone in on your body language as a tool to gain more business and uplevel your leadership skills, click on the link below to view more information at The Body Language Strategy Academy.