Leadership Development and Management Skills  To Create Influence in Your Industry

When you develop yourself to the point where your belief in yourself is so strong that you know that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to, your future will be unlimited.

~ Brian Tracy

Online Courses and Personal Coaching

With the Business Leadership Success Academy Online Courses, you will be given the necessary tools to improve your body language, gain confidence, and live as your authentic self with video training, templates, and daily practices in:

Business Success and Management Courses

Show more confidence, exude more grace and poise, and magnetize people to you with training in unspoken cues in nonverbal communication of your social status, your personality, and the confidence you have in what you do.

Legacy Leadership

Legacy Leadership creates impact in your business and industry. Learn how to set up and keep the momentum of your success and your business planning to enhance implementing team progress, motivation, and success.

Video Marketing

Videos are KEY to make your business not only survive but thrive in the virtual business landscape. Learn to create your own Video Marketing Plan and get tips on how to make videos to expand the reach of your brand and attract more business.

Personal Coaching
With Kerstin Oleta

Join LIVE weekly coaching calls every Tuesday at 8am PST/10am CST/11am EST with the Founder of the BLS Academy, Kerstin Oleta to get weekly tips and exercises to up level in presence, leadership, and looking better on video!
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Leadership Development and Management Skills To Create
Influence in Your Industry

To dream and lift a business off the ground is one small step of success.  To succeed as a leader and a business, it becomes essential to establish a foundation.  Acknowledgement, action, accountability, and awareness are basic requirements we not only recognize; we also activate them by practicing the elements in our Executive Management Wheel of Success. 

In the Business Leadership Success Academy, we help business leaders not only establish the identity of the business, we also focus on ensuring the authentic connection between leadership identity and that of the business are aligned. With each step, momentum will lead you to more time, more opportunity, more money, and ultimately creating the business experience you desire.  If you are ready to magnetize the systems, the people, and the business for ultimate success, we look forward to working with you.

As a BLSA Member, you will receive training in business and team management using the principles of the Executive Management Wheel.

  • A plan without a strategy is simply a wish. You will not only create your strategy, but you will also create a culture that will bring your plan to action.
  • Your “Plan Your Success Workbook” will walk you through each deliberate step from defining your non-negotiable values and mission statement to discovering your burn point and knowing how much and where each dollar creates more. 
  • The Executive Management Wheel will move you through the design and development of your business so you can create more time and freedom to execute each step with confidence and courage.
  • Identify your tasks, your team, and your tools.
  • High-level schedule development to maximize your time.
  • Round out the ultimate business experience with celebration. The use of additional tools to continue evaluation and adjustments that will continue to elevate your success.  
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