Create Impact and Influence Without Saying a Word

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Create Impact and Influence
Without Saying a Word

The Body Language Strategy Academy is a training system for learning to communicate leadership and executive presence through enhanced body language and expression, messaging, and leadership skills.

Step into your greatness and create more influence with online courses and weekly coaching available online only at the Body Language Strategy Academy.

You will be given the necessary tools to improve your body language, achieve a higher level of leadership, and learn to create videos for your business with video training, templates, daily practices, and weekly coaching calls with the BLS Academy Founder, Kerstin Oleta

Online Courses and Personal Coaching

With the Body Language Strategy Online Courses, you will be given the necessary tools to improve your body language, gain confidence, and live as your authentic self with video training, templates, and daily practices in:

Business Design and Management Success Courses

Show more confidence, exude more grace and poise, and magnetize people to you with training in unspoken cues in nonverbal communication of your social status, your personality, and the confidence you have in what you do.

Legacy Leadership

Legacy Leadership creates impact in your business and industry. Learn how to set up and keep the momentum of your success and your business planning to enhance implementing team progress, motivation, and success.

Video Marketing

Videos are KEY to make your business not only survive but thrive in the virtual business landscape. Learn how to create your own Video Marketing Plan and get tips on how to make videos to expand the reach of your brand and attract more business.

Personal Coaching
With Kerstin Oleta

Learn from the award-winning Founder of Body Language Strategy, Kerstin Oleta, and other certified strategists to create impact and influence with personalized training in enhanced presence and leadership training.

Learn more about YOUR body language!

Sign up for a Personal Assessment! Learn how to be proactive in how others respond to you and receive a detailed report of your body language in the areas of Confidence, Competence, Trust, and Approachability. Schedule your assessment today!
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