We Reflect What We See

Kerstin Oleta, CEO and Founder of The Business Leadership Excellence Institute
Most human beings are empathetic naturally. We emotionally respond to what we physically see.

In our neurological systems in the brain, we have what are called mirror neurons. When we relate to something, it is our mirror neurons firing which causes us to “mirror” a reaction or emotion that we are seeing on another person’s face or in their body language.  This causes us to feel like we are emotionally connected to that person or situation.

Hollywood has done a fabulous job of bringing in the money on this particular aspect of how our brains function. When you go to the movies, you get yourself ready for the show by sitting in a comfy chair with your soda and your popcorn. The movie starts and part way through the movie, the plot take a sad turn…The dog died, or the car went off the cliff, or the couple broke up… and all of a sudden your crying, because everything in the movie has fallen apart. You are a hot mess in the middle of the movie theater!

Why are you crying??? You have chocolate! You have popcorn and you are in comfortable seat… Nothing is physically wrong with you. You should be fine!

You are emotionally reflecting back on what you are physically seeing.

You are reflecting back on an emotional response to what has happened to the characters on the screen.  We don’t even have to be in the same room as these people in the movie to react like YOUR life has become a train wreck just because of what you are seeing happening to THEM.  This is how strong mirror neurons work and how strong of an emotional reaction they can create.

This reflection of emotions back and forth is a natural part of our society and how we interact with each other.  By being aware of how your mind and body react to various situations and then secondly, being aware of what YOU are reflecting out to others with your body language and facial expressions is a powerful tool to connect with others and impact your environment.  You can use this extremely powerful reflection response from the mirror neurons to create a strong position for yourself when it comes to how you present your information to others.

In business, we are constantly trying to create interest in our products and services. We can use the reflection response in our body language to reflect and create interest in our target audience to naturally draw in more business.  When we learn to use this tool, we can now attract more business without saying a word!

What are you reflecting out to others when you talk about your business?  Do you know?

I always tell my clients, if you are waiting for a reaction, you are too late. This awareness is key to creating strong business relationships and building your bottom line. Having these tools in life is crucial, let alone in business!

If you are interested in learning about how you can hone in on your body language as a tool to gain more business and uplevel your leadership skills, click on the link below to view more information at The Body Language Strategy Academy.