Executive Management and Leadership Skills

Presented by Kerstin Oleta,
CEO and Owner
Business Leadership Excellence Institute

Executive Management Wheel
The objective for the Executive Management Wheel is to use all five components to create momentum for achieving the goals for everyone involved in your business, especially you!

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  • Acknowledgement
    Identify and agree upon the values, purpose and goals, benefits and tools, and the roles of the people involved to create success.

    Action Steps
    Identify and manage the tasks and personnel involved to successfully complete the processes and projects needed to fulfil the purpose and goals agreed upon.

    Collecting and compiling data to accurately determine the success of the tasks completed in conjunction with the purpose and goals desired agreed upon.

  • Achievement
    The accolades, promotions, and/or awards given in the successful completion to up-level and inspire the personnel involved once the agreed upon goal is met.

    The celebration and effort made to edify the members or teams involved through an event in the success of the agreed upon goal and purpose.

Body Language 
Success Pillars

The Body Language Success Pillars are aspects communicated in our physicality through specific and universal body language strategies. When you present yourself with all these physical pillars represented, you will be able to create impact and influence without saying a word! 

Confidence: shown in carriage of the body

Posture, breath, and your energy level is an unspoken nonverbal cue of your social status, and the confidence you have in what you do. Your body placement rules how your posture and your breath work together.

Competence: shown in the fluidity of the body
Show competence with grace and poise through the understanding and executing of fluidity in your body, speech patterns and projection, and energy levels.

Trust: shown in the spacing of your movement of the body
Create an inviting presence and show being open to others with your body gestures to portray trust and being trustworthy showing a balance of vulnerability and stability.

Approachability: show in the movement of the face
Create an inviting presence and show being open to others with your body gestures to portray trust and being trustworthy showing a balance of vulnerability and stability.
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How Are YOU Showing UP??

Gain awareness in working towards an executive presence that everyone will respond to on a primal level and will naturally draw business to you by showing purpose and clarity in your nonverbal communication.
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Kerstin Oleta

Nation's Leading Body Language Strategist,
International Keynote Speaker & Fortune 500 Executive Trainer, CEO of the Business Leadership Excellence Institute
With over 30 years of international training and performing in theater and opera, Kerstin Oleta has acquired an in-depth knowledge of all levels of communication.

Kerstin brings her unique skills, talents, and understanding of non-verbal communication to life. Kerstin is the CEO and Founder of The Business Leadership Excellence Institute - a training system for learning to communicate leadership and executive presence through enhanced body language, and leadership and team management skills.

Kerstin’s works with international speakers, bestselling authors, real estate professionals, lawyers, and business executives in Fortune 500 companies. She speaks and trains nationally on Body Language Strategy and Executive Management for Business and has performed keynote speeches and workshops for organizations such as Google, eBay Global, National Women's Council of Realtors, and Amazon.