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Meet Christy Meaux

Business Leadership Success and Women's Leadership Coalition Facilitator
Christy Meaux is an experienced entrepreneur, mortgage broker, copywriter, and social selling expert. A natural connector, Christy has spent much of her professional career networking and facilitating local connection groups. Ms. Meaux is passionate about helping small businesses succeed and has a heart for helping entrepreneurs and small business owners think outside the box.  

Christy has a wealth of knowledge in the areas of real estate, marketing, and creative outreach. She began her mortgage career in the early 2000s, with a pivot into project management. She has helped many individuals and families buy and refinance their primary homes, investment properties, and vacation homes. Additionally, she has written copy for various local businesses and leveraged her expertise in social selling to help individuals expand their networks and reach.

Christy’s passion for helping others can be seen in her dedication to her clients and her commitment to giving back to her community. She served previously on the board of directors for a local breast cancer non-profit, volunteers for fundraising events, and mentors small business owners. She is also a founding member of her local Women in Business Network, who mastermind and serve the community regularly. With her unique combination of experience and expertise, Christy Meaux is an invaluable asset to any business. She is a powerful resource for advice, support, and guidance, and her ability to connect people and resources make her a true asset and trusted advisor.

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Christy Meaux