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Meet Eric Kreitz

Retired Army Colonel and Certified International Federation Coach
Eric is a retired Army Colonel with over two decades of experience, including 18 years in U.S. Army Special Operations, where he honed his leadership skills. Throughout his distinguished career, he led and trained organizations of up to 265 people across 16 countries on five continents. Notably, he developed training and policy for organizations encompassing as many as 34,000 individuals. His operational expertise extends to participating in a South American hostage rescue, reflecting his commitment to high-stakes challenges.

As an Eagle Scout and enthusiast of complex board games, Eric embodies a blend of discipline and strategic thinking. However, his journey also encompasses overcoming significant personal hurdles. Wrestling with imposter syndrome, perfectionism, PTSD, and fear of inadequacy, Eric navigated through a period of recovery from workaholism, addiction, and thoughts of suicide. These experiences instilled in him a profound understanding of the challenges individuals face when reintegrating into professional life following a transformative absence.

Drawing upon his International Coach Federation-certified coach training, Eric transitioned into the role of a reintegration coach. His dedication lies in facilitating the seamless return of high-performing professionals to productive careers after impactful hiatuses, such as rehabilitation, mental health care, or military reserve mobilization and deployment. Eric has meticulously crafted a bespoke program tailored to serve these high performers, their leaders, and their teams, leveraging his wealth of experiences and expertise.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Eric is deeply engaged in community service alongside his wife Jennifer and their two teenage sons. Their involvement spans various initiatives, including Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Boy Scouts of America, New Braunfels Food Bank, and the Humane Society of the New Braunfels Area. Additionally, Eric assumes the role of Vice Chairman of the Board of the Military Officer’s Association of America Alamo Chapter, further underscoring his commitment to serving others.

Eric’s multifaceted background in leadership and personal growth positions him as an invaluable asset for organizations seeking to reintegrate individuals after prolonged absences. Embrace the journey of welcoming back a valued team member with Eric's expert guidance, and relinquish the uncertainty of post-absence transitions for a seamless and fulfilling return to the fold.

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