How Are You Showing Up??

Gain awareness in working towards an executive presence that everyone will respond to on a primal level and will naturally draw business to you by showing purpose and clarity in your nonverbal communication.

Body Language Success Pillars

The Body Language Success Pillars are aspects of our physicality that shape how others see us. There are four success pillars: Confidence, Competence, Trust, and Approachability. Learn more, gain confidence and step into your greatness in everything you do with a personal assessment.
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Gain Confidence and Embrace Your Greatness

By taking this course, you'll learn how others perceive you and how you show up to your target audience. Learn to up-level your presence in your personal and professional life with the body language concepts and daily practices of the Body Language Success Pillars.

Learn how you are showing up in these Body Language Success ranges:

  • Green – movement is relaxed and open with impactful presence with a message that naturally draws in your audience with interest and excitement to know more.
  • Yellow – looking unsure, submissive, and showing passive motions that are not engaging that encourage your audience to disconnect from your message and interactions.
  • Blue - Making progress and needing to work on consistency and commitment to the universal nonverbal communications in the areas of Body Language Success Pillars. 
  • Red – Very closed body language that is tense, rigid, and aggressive that comes across as offish and that encourages your audience to disconnect from your message and interactions.

Want to learn what people see in YOUR body language?

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